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I originally attended college to be a high school Mathematics teacher.  However, when I graduated from college, corporate America was looking for and hiring talented African-Americans, and I was one of them.  After an illustrious career in information technology spanning 41 years, I decided to fulfill my dream by teaching at a small college in Savannah, GA, Virginia College.  In the classroom, I would share my stories of success and failures which brought the “real world” experience to the classroom.  My teaching techniques have resulted in numerous awards, among them, “Most Motivated Instructor”, Excellence in Teaching”, “Highest Student Rating”, “The President Award” to name a few. 

As I shared these stories and others with my classes, students were very impressed and I quote, “We are very fortunate to have you as an instructor.  You have so much to share.  You have an immeasurable amount of wisdom, know how, and firsthand experience.  You should put this stuff in a book”.  Still not motivated to write the book, I recently saw a YouTube video by Dr. Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist regarding the H1B Visa Program.  After watching that video coupled by my students’ advice, I now became motivated to write this book.  It is a darn shame America has to rely on immigrants for advances in new technology and to fill the many high-paying /high-tech jobs.  America just doesn’t have the native-born talent to compete for these jobs.

I am writing this book to stimulate and encourage America that it is okay to study the “hard stuff”: like mathematics, science, and engineering.  If we don’t do something soon, America could lose its innovative edge and be replaced by Russia, China, India, or Japan as the world’s leader.  I am hoping that this book would motivate, stimulate, and aspire our children and young adults to study the hard stuff to develop critical thinking skills, learn how to solve problems, increase your curiosity about the “how and why of things”, and come up with the next best thing.  By studying mathematics, I used mathematical principles which help develop my critical thinking skills which in term aided me to think, innovate, and execute to get things done.  I became the “Go to Guy” when it came to defining and developing solutions to enterprise-wide information systems and solving some of the most complex business problems. 

Think, Innovate & Execute
Getting It Done